What is the wall thickness of the masts ? 1.5mm


What is the diameter of the top section ? All four masts have 1.25 inches or 32mm diameter


What are the masts made out of ? Steel


Are there any plastic or fiberglass fittings ? No – our masts are very heavy duty and only use steel materials


What is the diameter of the bottom section ? Please see specification


Guyed or free-standing ? We have to advise always to guy a mast. Some people choose not to guy, but this is your choice.


How do I fix the mast ? The answer is quite varied depending on your installation. Most people use a simple ‘tilt and swivel’ base and guy it to keep it upright. Others use a small tripod, others bolt it to the side of a building.


What size and weight loading can the mast take ? Again, the answer is quite variable. Depending on how it is guyed, how many guys, how it is fixed, what height the mast is installed at. If you are using steel guy wires or chord guys etc. We have used the 50 foot mast, guyed with a hexbeam, wire antennas and also a beam antenna with a rotator.


Can one person lift it into place fully extended with aerials on top ? Yes. Install the mast with the base fixed by either a tripod with the tripod legs fixed to the ground, or the mast ground mounted or bracketed to a wall. Get on a platform so you can reach the telescopic sections and connect the aerials – and lift each telescopic section into place. Make sure it is guyed !


Is it easy to extend the mast up into the air ? Without any aerials other than a wire doublet or dipole and say a small vertical, the answer is yes its easy for one person. It does again depends on various factors. The weight loading of what is on top of it, the type of installation, how it is fixed. What is around the mast. The simple answer is no – it is not easy to extend it and retract it with a few aerials on top. The easiest way to install it if you are going to be wanting to easily lower it and rise it often is by bringing it down to the ground in its fully extended position and supporting the aerial end of the mast by a support. Using a swivel type mount is the best way to do this.


Should I use metal guy wires or chord such as Kevlar rope to guy it ? Completely your choice. Chord or Kevlar rope is flexible, strong and does not conduct. Metal guy wires may electrically affect the antenna system.


I want to install a wire antenna  on the mast. As the mast is metal will it interfere with the antennas ? In most cases of wire antennas yes. Theory states you should keep any wire antenna away from a conducting structure. Easiest way to do this is to use a 2 metre fibreglass pole which is connected to the mast to insulate the wire antenna from the mast.


I am installing a wire antenna to the mast. Can I cable tie the ladder line or coax feeder directly to the mast ? You can do of course, but some wire antennas that use the feeder as a radiating section will ‘couple’ to the mast and it will change the electrical characteristics of the antenna. This may or may not cause an issue. Best way is to run the feedline away from the mast.


I am going to install a vertical and/or beam on top of the mast. As the mast is metal will it cause any problems or should I insulate it electrically from the mast ? Depends on the antenna in most cases installing a vertical or beam onto the mast will be fine, but check with the spec of the antenna to be sure.


Should I go for one of your masts, or use a pneumatic mast or fixed mast? The choice is yours and only you can answer that. Our masts are steel, very heavy duty and a fraction of the cost of similar length fixed masts and pneumatic masts.


I have found other telescopic push-up masts that are lower cost than your masts. Whats the difference ? The main difference is the build quality and strength. Cheaper masts are made using aluminium poles or fiberglass poles with plastic or fiberglass clamps.


Can I collect ? Yes, we are located a ten minute drive from Junction 6 on the M25. Collection discount is available contact us to discuss. If you want to collect you need at least a strong roof rack as these masts are very heavy, or preferably a van or people carrier with enough length to carry. We can fit the masts inside our ‘Chrysler Grand Voyager’ with the boot shut !


Is there a quantity discount available ? Yes, contact us us to discuss.


I am involved in a radio club or have some friends who might be interested in ordering. Can I get some commission for selling your masts ? Yes, contact us to discuss.

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